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How did Shea Stadium security compare to Turner Field's?


I was so surprised that it was very tight security here, same as at Shea. I expected Shea to be tight, I understand that, but here it's far from New York. For media, I had to show my picture ID two or three times. The security here asked me everything, like they did in Shea. I had to show them the cell phone, everything. But it's OK. We were in Montreal, there's only 4,000 people there (at Expos game) so security is not as tight, it's easier. So we come here and it's just much tighter.

Security at Shea was much, much more. There were long lines. At Shea they had actual police officers checking you out. Security was much tighter. It seemed like here they looked at everybody's bag. That's all you can really ask. I felt as safe here as I did at Shea. Matter of fact, I feel safer here. It's so far away from where it happened you get a different feel. Security here was very, very good and everybody was cooperative and nobody got impatient. I'd just like to thank everyone for supporting New York and Washington.

Last Friday at Shea was thorough. The guys knew me but they still checked everything and that was OK. It's a pain in the neck, but it's what you have to do so you do it. It's a pain in the neck to pay taxes, too, but you do it. First day at Turner was extraordinary. They checked everything that day. I carry a lot of books and they looked at each one. I had eight books and each one is at least an inch thick. The next days haven't been as tight. I don't know whether it was a different guy or they just relaxed everything. u


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