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How could we brighten the holiday spirit in Atlanta?


Christmas isn't Christmas unless you have snow. You could put snow-making machines on top of the Bank of America building. It would snow all over and allow people to cross-ski downtown. It would be neat to see a tall building in the news, rather than for something tragic, doing something really unique. The cost would be offset by people cross-skiing downtown rather than using cars. Who else would take a tall building and actually show the world the Christmas spirit by having this tall building in a major city streaming snow?

We can do more with store windows and displays, lights, lanterns, wreaths -- all that would be nice especially this year considering all that happened on the 11th. The homes need dressing up, the stores windows need dressing up, do it old-school like back in the '50s and '60s when it was really a big thing to get in the holiday spirit. I think it hurts the kids too. The kids take on what they see their parents do. If the parents don't have any spirit, the kids won't think it's a big deal either.

The city is taking the holiday spirit away by closing down the small neighborhood bars on Sunday. You have the economy of a city that is $45 million in debt, 52,000 people being laid off, and the city is closing little neighborhood bars because of what one stupid club in Buckhead did. You're taking money out of people's pockets, taking away a place of solace for a lot of people, especially in the holiday season where people want to be together. You're punishing people that live and work in the city. You're trying to get people to move into the city yet making it less attractive to live here. The city is going backward. u


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