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How can we spruce up Atlanta's New Year's Eve?


Alcohol past 2 a.m. is always good. In Austin, they close down one or two big streets and everybody can walk around. It's pretty cool having block parties and walking around with alcohol on the streets. And you block off streets in Little Five Points, Virginia-Highland, East Point, Midtown. They do it in Tampa. It works there so I don't see why it wouldn't work here. That would be a lot of fun so, you don't have to pay hundreds of dollars to get into one place but be outside, and you could hit a whole lot of different bars.

First of all, let all the parties be free and let all the women run around naked and the let the women pay for us. Let them ask the guys to dance, let them pay for our drinks and show us a good time. It's a society thing right now. We always have to ask [women] out, we have to dance with them on New Year's, we have to pay for them. Let them treat us to parties and fun and dinner and wine and booze for a change. And when they flash, let them pay us $5.

Nobody wants to go to Underground. The Peach Drop is a cheap imitation of the drop of the ball in New York. Put everybody in Piedmont Park. The park is big, you can start at the middle of the day, go to midnight and you'll have a great damn time. We go there for the Dogwood, the Jazz Fest, the Peachtree [Road Race]. A park is a public place. Employ people to pick up the mess (afterward). It's not a big deal. They do the Peachtree every year. It doesn't soil the park. Piedmont Park is the place to be that truly says Atlanta.


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