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How can those holidays be just as grand with no money?



Bruce: There are some serious bling machines at Kroger. I'm going to get all my friends some serious bling. It's going to cost me like four dollars. I'm going to get me like the best chains, best watches. It's hard enough to find affordable panties for your wife, let alone the cool toy for your nephew. So, aside from making your own stuff or reallocating the will, it's not gumballs or superballs, maybe the bling machine is where it's at this year.

Collette: Fuck Christmas. I have medical bills. You can make toys out of Dixie cups and straws. We don't need to go out and buy gifts. We don't have to go to stupid Toys "R" Us. I don't need money to make Christmas and I don't need to see my family at Christmas. They were just here. I got rid of them a day ago. They were here for three days, so that was enough. They don't live here so they can't read this. And we're making toys out of hot dogs, out of Popsicle sticks and toothpicks. It's going to be a banner year.

Jerry: I have a new loved one in my life, so I get to celebrate my holidays this year with a new loved one. I just moved to Atlanta five weeks ago. I'm not too crazy about this traffic, so that's more of an incentive for me to spend my holidays with my new loved one curled up and nestled in front of a fireplace. I'm soaking it in all year. With the economy being the way it is, it actually does bring us closer together because in spending less we actually receive more. We give more of our hearts.

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