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Hot vs. not in 2009



2008: Facebook

2009: Twitter

Resist it all you like, but this summer's events (the Iranian election, Michael Jackson's death, etc.) reinforced the seemingly permanent role Twitter has carved out for itself in the social networking universe. That is, until someone else decides to make the same thing except with 200-character posts.

2008: Official college sports leagues

2009: Intramural sports leagues

Actually training, working out, and putting in hours of practice for a recreational sport is passé – especially when you could just get a group of friends together, sign up for an Ultimate Frisbee league (or volleyball, or flag football, or handball, all of which are offered at most local schools) and spend a few afternoons doing battle with a group of frat-stars who put in the same minimal effort you all did. The more creative among you might also use it as an excuse to make T-shirts with your innuendo-laden team name on it.

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