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Homemade potato chips

From Buckhead to East Atlanta to Reynoldstown



When exactly did potato chips get exiled to the snack food aisle and overshadowed by their French fry brethren on most menus? You'd think a menu item allegedly invented by a frustrated cook as a "screw you" to a difficult customer would get much more chef love. Luckily, a handful of Atlanta restaurants recognize the allure of the homemade chip and their versions are absolutely crave-worthy.

Buckhead Diner: This Buckhead Life institution takes its spuds so seriously that it uses a special type of cured Idaho potato. The signature starter is drenched in a creamy sauce heady with Parmesan, cream cheese and pungent chunks of Maytag blue cheese. The restaurant's salt and vinegar variety is soaked overnight in vinegar, before being fried and dusted with salt and vinegar powder. 3085 Piedmont Road. 404-262-3336.

Kasan Red: A newcomer to East Atlanta Village, this funky little restaurant is already garnering plenty of praise for its relaxed atmosphere and use of fresh ingredients procured at local farmers' markets. The sweet potato chips (using Louisiana yams) are cut to order before morphing into a dry and crunchy wonder. 517 Flat Shoals Ave. 404-549-9630.

The Depot: Reynoldstown locals buzzed with curiosity and anticipation as they watched the long-abandoned train depot transform into an updated dining locale complete with the original iron rafters. Although the kitchen's execution has been a bit shaky from the start, the potato chips – a thinly sliced and lightly salted mixture of Yukon Gold and sweet potatoes – are a consistent crowd pleaser with a crackle in each bite. 904 Memorial Drive. 404-577-1904.


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