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An Atlanta native and artist best known for his very visible works in graffiti on the urban landscape, Hense has also shown his paintings at venues as diverse as Sandler Hudson and Young Blood Gallery. Hense laid down his unconventional, stream-of-consciousness list of the people, places and things on his mind.

People: Msk Awr, Skrew, Born, Banksy, Shie, Logan Hicks, Sever, Pusher, Revok, Retna, Zeser, DJ Gnosis, DJ Hazeus, Aloy, Ceaze, Ewok, Dr. Daks, Norm, Margaret Kilgallen, Sam Rothstein, Freddy Rodriguez, Jerry Cullum, Bles, Phable, Eklips, Espo, Greg Lamarche, Reyes, Steel, William Upski Wimsatt, Conan, Jose Parla, Shepard Fairy, Haze, Bates, Scien & Klor, Swet, Killer Mike, Killer K, Barry McGee, Thomas Dolby, Rime, Pysa, 2 Tone, Earsnot, Sacer, Spone, Fanta, Roger Gastman, Persue, TI, Jason Lee, Totem2, Jersey Joe, Jase, MQUE, Causer, Detr, Jimmy Conway, Harold Hunter, Ayer, Tie, Krush, Wise, Kenton Parker, Malbon Bros., Naomi Klein, Naomi Watts, Wanto & Sect, Jackson Pollock, Chuck Close, Martin Quen, Will Brewer, Risky, Cost, Revs, Ivan Reyes, Zidane, Rons, Picasso, Dali, Paul Klee, Howard Finster, Dream, Purvis Young, Takashi, Inka Essenhigh, Julie Mehretu, Daim, Don Cheadle, Oclock

Things: Wooster Collective, the 40-yard defunct skateboard spot, No Logo, Pinback, Built to Spill, Noot-d-Noot, How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist, Snowden, theseventhletter .com, Letters First exhibition in Tokyo, Arcade Fire, Grindhouse, Known Gallery, Function Gallery, the Cure, No More Prisons, Vice, Frank 151, TED 2006, Slim's Garage, Juxtapoz, Garage magazine, Art Basel 2006, Design is Kinky, Wikipedia, Sandler Hudson, Also Known As, Amores Perros, Supreme Quality, Swingers, New Perspectives in Painting, wood panels, freights, rust, paper, paint, dirt, wax, oil, pen, pencil, Pantone, RVCA, "Paint it Black," "She's a Rainbow," "The Good Times Are Killing Me," Cartoon Network, Canon Rebel, Spoon, www.papertiger.org, fuck-ups, success, The Art of Getting Over, Magic Ink, the Rolling Stones, Bomb the Suburbs, Artwork Rebels, www.thieverycorporation.com, Flickr, MARTA, Modest Mouse, Rustoleum, Google, www.krink.com, True Romance, the Pixies, the Civic, Deitch Projects, TSL Films, www.ghavapress.com, Aurora, Octane, Arkitip, www .thedutchpress.com, Witness, Heat, canvas, wood, enamel, spray, texture, layers, freight-train graffiti, quality of line, heartbreak, Getty Image, Wired, Infamy, Georgia Public Television, "the civic" graffiti space, Carver's Restaurant, "the boy has the devil in him" from Planet Terror

Places: Tokyo, Taipei, Buford Highway, L.A., Carroll Street, Krog Street, SF, NYC, Miami, Huff Road, the Punch Line, Spain, Sugar Beach Inn in Florida, Seagrove, Ventura Boulevard, Trackside, west Atlanta, the Rialto, Bankhead Highway, Athens, Monterey, Brooklyn, Savannah, Ponce de Leon, Jersey City, San Diego, South Beach, Venice Beach, Echo Park, Belmont, East Point, Kirkwood, Santa Monica, Ellsworth Industrial, DeKalb Avenue, Roger Jordan Garage, Hollywood, West L.A., Inman Park, Candler Park, L5P, Lower East Side, Holland Tunnel, Broadway, Melrose, Shibuya, River Street, Eatonton, Memorial Drive, Whitehall, Foxy Lady, Dottie's, Peters Street, Design District, Decatur, Southside, Charlottesville, Charleston, Sherman Oaks, Culver City, Glenwood, Edgewood

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