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Harvey Milk: Harvey Milk

Hydra Head Records



This proper release of Harvey Milk's debut cassette unfolds like a lost chapter of Revelations. Even in '94 the Athens trio was summoning the darkest, droning sludge it could muster. It was the antithesis of the twee pop that defined Athens in that era. But the behemoth plod of "Blueberry Dookie" and the shredding mania of "Dating Pressures" seem unaware of the shiny happy people next door. Crawling drums and slow, acidic riffs burrow deep into the ears and brain with long, rhythmic dirges. "Plastic Eggs" looks into the yawning gates of hell with a tangle of feedback and spectral growling. Creston Spiers' vocal rasp naturally fits within the album's framework, while "F.S.T.P" lays the blueprint for start-stop tension. These songs don't even sound all that primitive when compared to their recent recordings. Even the staccato tape noise of "Smile" adds compelling texture to the music. These guys had their act together from the get-go. 4 out of 5 stars.

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