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Harry N. and Heather L.

A quick look at Atlanta's fashion sense


We caught this fashion-savvy couple when trendy gallery Mason Murer hosted a group exhibition of Atlanta apparel and accessory designers, as well as several fashion photographers. While Heather made for a lovely companion in basic black and white, Harry's jacket did all the talking.

He inherited the jacket from an uncle who lived in Palm Beach. Harry mentioned that his uncle was the tall, dark and handsome type. Judging by the jacket, we expect that he lived quite the swingin' south Florida life.

We also thought the jacket was straight out of the '60s, but nobody seems to know for sure. It's a Lilly Pulitzer, whose bright colors were the preppy uniform of south Floridians in the '60s and '70s.

Harry wore it because Heather told him it would be good for a fun, funky fashion event.

Heather would know since she and a friend are about to launch a fashion accessories line of their own this summer. Mum's the word on it until then, though, as there's a TV show tie-in. Keep an eye on for available updates.


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