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Green nominee asks for Kerry vote


President Bush and Sen. John Kerry have largely ignored Georgia during the presidential campaign. But Green Party nominee David Cobb campaigned in Atlanta, making stops at Morehouse College and in Decatur.

Cobb, who ran as the Green Party candidate for Texas attorney general in 2002, lacks the name recognition of former Green presidential candidate Ralph Nader, now running an independent campaign with the help of Republicans. But because pollsters predict an overwhelming Bush victory in Georgia, Cobb hopes left-leaning voters will write in him and running mate Patricia LaMarche rather than vote for Democrats Kerry and Sen. John Edwards. Cobb calls Kerry an elitist and militarist but acknowledges Bush is worse.

If on Nov. 2 the Greens get 42,000 write-in votes -- 1 percent of the registered voters in the state -- the party would earn statewide ballot access in 2006.

Cobb says his candidacy is based on more than concerns for the environment and for peace. "We're not just a party of the left," he says. "We are a party of the left out."

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