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Great divide

The difference between Bob Nardelli and you



Amount in severance that Home Depot CEO Bob Nardelli received after resigning Jan. 3 due to shareholder pressure: $210 million

Percentage by which the share price of Home Depot stock changed from late 2000, when Nardelli took control of the company, to late 2006: -8

Rank of Nardelli's annual compensation among CEOs employed by the nation's 500 biggest companies: 47

Rank of Delta CEO Gerald Grinstein: 490

Grinstein's compensation last year: $450,000

Nardelli's average annual compensation during his tenure at Home Depot: $30,860,000

Number of Atlanta firefighters whose annual salaries could be paid with Nardelli's severance package: 6,822

Total number of employees of the Atlanta Fire Department: 960

Number of years that a DeKalb County Public Schools teacher would have to work to earn what Nardelli did in an average year: 778

Nardelli's hourly wage, based on a 40-hour workweek and his average annual compensation: $14,837

Georgia's minimum hourly wage: $5.15

Sources: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Forbes, Atlanta Fire Department, DeKalb County School System

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