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Got Purp?



Yeah, you got that kryptonite, but do you got that purp? Not the street-sweeper mix tape Got That Purp, but the Virgin Records/Big Boi's Purple Ribbon Label-certified, Nov. 22-released Got Purp? Vol. 2. If you haven't copped it yet, here are some of the highlights:

1) The "label woes" track: On "Dungeon Family Dedication," Killer Mike makes a case for Dungeon Family as a highly slept-on clique, no easy feat considering OutKast's worldwide fame.

2) The "posse" cut: There are lots of these on the CD, but the "808" joint -- which was first released on the original Got Purp? comp -- is the best. Smoke that!

3) The "hard times" track: On "Hold On," a long-awaited Goodie Mob reunion track, T-Mo keeps it ashy: "Got a blow-up bed for my back/'Cause I can't take the hardwood floor/Crooked system had me working in the warehouse from 8 to 4, so/Yep, know what it is to work for them fools for a check/It don't mean shit/More bills keep coming in."

4) The "pimp" track: Sleepy Brown returns with "Me, My Baby & My Cadillac." Personally, I thought "I Can't Wait" was better, but this is pretty nice, too.

5) The "ho" track: Uh-oh, Bubba Sparxxx is rapping about them "cave bitches" again. Don't go to the "Claremont Lounge," man.

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