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GOP raps state on Human Resources


The next session of the Georgia General Assembly is still a few weeks away, but legislative Republicans are already blasting away.

In the wake of state Department of Human Resources Commissioner Audrey Horne's announcement that she'll be leaving the agency, Senate Minority Leader Eric Johnson, R-Savannah, last week decried the agency as "plagued with endangered children, low morale, waste and fraud."

Pointing to numerous reports of children who have been killed or injured while under DHR care, Johnson characterized the 12,600-employee department as a "bureaucratic mess" that is "failing Georgia families."

Horne, who took over at DHR just 18 months ago, is leaving Dec. 31 for a teaching position at Georgia State University.

"To borrow a phrase from President-elect George W. Bush," Johnson said, "we need a compassionate conservative rather than just another social worker."

It's gonna be a long session.

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