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Gold-Bears: Are You Falling In Love




Floating atop clouds of billowing guitar fuzz, the debut full-length from Atlanta's Gold-Bears is both gentle and bittersweet while holding back the reins on the emotional monster contained within. At the heart of the album lies a story about a boy/girl relationship and all of the expectation, anxiety and baggage that comes along with it. From their first meeting in "Record Store" to the laundry list of years of harbored resentment and affection welling in "Besides You," sappy, giddy tension lurks behind every note along the way. The majestic jangle that opens a clean new take on Gold-Bears debut single, "Tally," underscores just how broad and lively the group's sound can be - something its earlier singles never suggested. As a result, its light embrace of punk's cathartic energy hangs in a balance of hazy sound and emotionally unhinged pop exploits. (4 out of 5 stars)

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