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Going Postal

Running on empty
While I agree somewhat with Jon Entine's thoughts (Soap Box, "Born to Lose," July 4), I have come to realize that all he is doing is using every road race in America to promote his book. All he has done over the last several months is submit the same editorial to the area newspapers of a big race. Just cut and paste, and fill in the blanks.

"Here's a prediction that may startle: An American-born runner may never again win another (fill in local road race here)." Let's try some new material, Mr. Entine.

-- Gary L. Brimmer, Honolulu

Film goes over Von Mueller's head
I guess Eddy Von Mueller will be anxiously awaiting the release of Legally Blonde so he can see a movie he can understand (Flicks, "Digital Age," July 11). I took my 9-year-old grandson to see Final Fantasy and even he "got it." Usually an animated film such as Shrek is promoted by the star power of their voice talent. This is not true with Final Fantasy, which easily stands on its own merits. Many films with over-the-top special effects rely on those effects to carry the day with only the thinnest excuse for a story. Final Fantasy has a very compelling story and it is told beautifully. For Eddy to suggest that the plot is too confusing and to recommend viewers ignore it or not try to understand it is incomprehensible.

I admit my boyfriend, my grandson and I all cried at a couple of points in the movie. Unlike other video games-turned-movies, this movie was not just a title licensed to accountants in Hollywood for its draw power. Final Fantasy was made by the game developers. It took 20 minutes to render a single frame. I predict this movie will change animated feature films the way the first Star Wars changed sci-fi movies.

Perhaps you should hire a movie reviewer with an IQ over 40.

-- Lake Sirmon, Atlanta

Agreeing with the slam
I know that you may be a bit surprised to get an e-mail from me, after all you spoke so highly of me (Scene & Herd, July 11). I personally appreciate your wonderful write-up of our slam performance. Yohannes is always an amazing experience. He's definitely one of my favorites.

I totally agree with you on your comment about my ridiculous pre-performance. I usually wouldn't do anything like that. Most times I would just roll right into my piece and any offended white folk were supposed to be offended. If you clutch your purse every time you see a black man or cross the streets to avoid passing a person of color, you should be ashamed. Not for just having such a limited perspective on the spectrum of people but succumbing to the devil by allowing fear and ignorance to rule your heart. I hope to uplift, enlighten and inspire. I know the purpose behind my writing.

I will, from now on, just serve the purpose behind the poem, which is to give hope and praise to my brothers. Obviously any attempt at easing anyone's feeling is fake and futile. I love those that love God and the God in us. Therefore, I should never worry about anyone being offended because "my folk" overstand. Thank you and have a blessed and beautiful day.

-- Tamika Harper, Atlanta

Hold the phone
Should hand-held phones be banned while driving (Flip Side, July 4)? Oh, heck yeah. Think about it. How many times have you been traversing I-285 with some idiot on their cell phone on your ass and then he suddenly realizes "There's my exit!" and shoots across four or five lanes to get off, scaring the hell out of all the other drivers around them? Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that talking on the phone while driving is not only distracting to the driver, whether they want to admit it or not, but more importantly, irresponsibly dangerous. And to Ryan Duffner's mother, I say, "Fight the good fight, sister. I, for one, am behind you 100 percent."

-- Bill Beckley, Conyers

Piedmont Park problems
I lived on Piedmont Avenue at 12th Street for nine years before moving recently to East Atlanta. While living in Midtown, I was in Piedmont Park running, walking, biking, picnicking or feeding the ducks almost daily. I am concerned about one of the more recent decisions to severely limit the use of the newly renovated Oak Hill area.

The supposed danger to walkers from bikers and rollerbladers on those paths is grossly overstated. Anyone who goes to a city park can expect there will be others using the park, including bikers and rollerbladers, and thus everyone watches out for each other.

Any reasonable person can agree that the likelihood of Piedmont Park security actually being able to enforce the new restrictions is slim to non-existent.

Another concern I have about recent changes in Piedmont Park is the construction work being done in the Meadow area. The area was graded and landscaped within the past three to four years and yet now it is being completely redone at considerable expense. I understand the work is being done to correct drainage problems.

If it was a poor design, are those who created and approved the design being held accountable for this costly mistake? If it was bad construction, are the parties responsible for doing the work being held accountable?

I feel it is our responsibility to keep a close watch on what is done with this wonderful natural resource.

-- Tony Johnson, Atlanta

Doggone funny
Let me start by first saying that I have never written to anyone regarding an article. It doesn't matter if I agree with it or disagree, I just won't respond. But this time, I just couldn't help myself (Jane Says, "My Craptastic Vacation," July 11). I laughed so hard that I almost did a "Sarah." I thought that I had some horror stories with traveling for both business and pleasure. This was by far one of the best ones I have ever read. You are hilarious! Keep us laughing.

-- Kim Hodge, Stone Mountain

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