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Going Postal

Girl power

Here's just a note to say that Hollis Gillespie and Jane Catoe are the two best things to happen to your publication in a long time! And count me as a reader from way back, probably 1975 or earlier (how long has CL been in publication?), or just say since the beginning, back when those Personals ads were all the rage for their kinky promiscuity.

Even though I've not done the spawn thing, not yet, I can relate to Hollis' experiences with her breasts, and bras or lack thereof. She has a terrific sense of humor and her column never fails to elicit a guffaw or two from me.

Jane Catoe is hilarious in a different way, a more bitingly sarcastic and totally irreverent way (but, these women are both sarcastic and irreverent -- maybe that's why I like their writing so much). I loved her comment about the Atlanta Thrashers' practice being like a "foreign man-zoo"; the party with the absinthe pouring bartender who burned his own eyelashes, screaming, "My eye, my eye!" And now, she's come up with her own American Third Party, the "Common Sense Party" -- promoting the four-day workweek, legalizing drugs ("High people are funny."), the $100 "road maintenance fee" in lieu of taxes, etc. Jane, I'd vote for you any day.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for employing these two fabulous women! Don't let them go.

-- Gabrielle Smith, Marietta

Revolution rant

I was broken-hearted to come to town for the election campaign after 15 years away to find what a hideously thick blanket of yuppie scum has descended on the city ("Affluenza Season," Nov. 4) which had inspired me to lasting positivist radical fervor so long ago. Even in Athens, the Green Party senatorial candidate is running on the platform of "Shared Capitalism," if you can drag yourself away from your private-label limited-issue mint julep, contrast J.Gates with Medea Benjamin on the West Coast.

To my still long haired former comrades, I can only say that your golden Labrador puppy and yet to be restored townhome remain the ball and chain we reviled sophomore year. It is you who has changed, not the validity of anti-materialist principles. When I break into your SUV for the fifth time, just keep pretending I sold the CD changer to finance the revolution. And fuck you very much. That is certainly what will happen to your son in Halliburton Oil's Africa resource wars when you put Cheney in the White House.

-- Pajaro, the California


someone was asleep

Accompanying the story "The Big Sleep" by Stephanie Ramage in this week's Creative Loafing was a photograph purporting to be of "Clark Atlanta's William Boone."

Now, I know William Boone, I work at CAU with William Boone, William Boone is a friend of mine, and, ladies and gentlemen, that was no William Boone.

-- F.S.J. Ledgister, Norcross

Editor's note: Oh, those sharp eyes! F.S.J. Ledgister is right. The photograph was not of Boone. It was a photo of Alton Hornsby, a history professor at Morehouse College. We apologize for the error.

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