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Get freaky with Calu


The tattooed and beautiful Calu Morton is one member of the merry band of sexy ladies that comprise Atlanta's bawdy burlesque group, Doll Squad. They perform at the Star Bar July 11, and later in September at Smith's Olde Bar, where Calu is a bartender. She turns Monday nights into tiki night, and puts skeletons and eyeballs in the drinks.

She has sci-fi and tiki on her mind and a tattoo lifted from Fritz Lang's Metropolis on her arm. Calu grew up between England and the U.S. with a daddy who knew best about camp entertainment. "My dad brought me up watching the 'Twilight Zone,' she says. "It's the whole cult lifestyle."

Sorry fellas, but Calu is happily married to Shane Morton -- the most memorable member of comic-book-chic rock groups such as Gargantua and the defunct Something. I happen to know for a fact that Lita, now of WWE fame, had a huge crush on Calu's hubby when she was in high school. The best girls always go for the bad boy.

You can spot her in the low-budget splatter flick, Cheerleader Autopsy. It didn't earn top honors at Cannes, but Fangoria magazine gave it a thumbs-up. She plays a nubile cheerleader for the Fighting Beavers, who get struck down in a freakish and gory accident.

Calu on stripping vs. burlesque: "It has got to be hard to have imagination in a strip club. There is something more sensual about watching a woman disrobe slowly than stand there completely naked, grab dollars and throw a G-string in your face. There are a lot of things out there that have lost history."

Calu on the Doll Squad audiences: "They always seem to understand what we are doing and not grab a piece of ass."


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