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Georgians on Sunday sales



Mia: It's unfair and there are other religions. Jesus drank. He said "Let there be wine." He had communion. Sometimes I want to drink me a glass of wine like Jesus and have communion on Sunday. Atlanta is the third gayest population in the country and we can't have liquor on Sunday? Embrace your diversity. I'm a Georgia peach. I take pride in my state but sometimes we can be so stagnant. Let's try not to be so hypocritical. Sonny Perdue, I'm talking to you, yes I am.

Anna: Why Sunday? It could be Monday. I'm from St. Petersburg, Russia. It's definitely stupid. We never run out in Russia. You can buy what you want, whenever you want it. In Russia, we have the greatest percentage of alcoholism in the world. But it has nothing to do with Sunday. It's based on cold weather and you have no idea of what's going on in the country. I mean, this is supposed to be the land of the free, right? That's what they sent me when they sent me my citizenship thing. I can't get you people straight.

Phillip: If you want your alcohol just get it on Saturday before the stores close. If you run out Saturday night, you run out. You have six days a week to buy your liquor. What's one more day? It's nice to be conservative for one day. It shows that we respect religion. That one day out of the week we respect families to get together and go to church. It's the same respect we have not wanting liquor stores near schools. It's not like we're completely banning alcohol. You can still go to clubs, restaurants or hotels. That's enough.

Jerry: On Sunday, we can serve up to midnight. At 12:01 Monday morning you can go across the street to Kroger and buy beer, but you can't buy it here. It doesn't make any sense. One of the main economic engines of our city is convention tourism and there are two things that drive conventions – booze and broads. We have some of the best strip clubs in the country. It gives you a reason to leave your wife in Dubuque and come to Atlanta so you can drink all night long and get some bare-naked ladies in your face.

Will: It's the only day you can spend at home and relax and have a drink. But I can't walk to the gas station and get a beer; I have to drive to a bar. It makes for more DUIs. Atlanta is a modern city. Drinking beer is not a six-day habit. It's a seven-day habit. You know what? Jesus drank wine; he drank syrah on Sunday. I want a beer now.

Kanton: The law is a fuckin' joke. It takes away the right of a man to have a good cold beer on a Sunday. Sometimes I can't get to the daggone liquor store on time because I work so far down south. Even in Illinois, where I'm from, we got a big old cross on the highway showing that we're a Bible Belt state, but we don't stop people from buying it anytime in Illinois. I've had a family gathering, and everybody wanted a drink, but we couldn't. That was a bunch of bull.

Heather: If I want a drink on Sunday, instead of going to Chevron or CVS and picking up a six-pack for $6.50 I end up with a spaghetti dinner and four glasses of wine – $60! It makes absolutely no sense. The bars then close at 12 but that's when you can go across to Chevron and pick up the six-pack. In the realm of the universe, that one 60-second period on whether you can pop open a can of beer from a gas station or under the roof of a bar is retarded. It shows that we are not evolving quite as fast as we should be.

Sean: Touchy subject because of religion. I go to church a lot. I understand what they say. I'm just going to do what the law says. It doesn't affect me one way or the other. It used to be our right that little children were able to drink way back in the day. Now, new laws, new lawmakers. My parents, my grandparents, they're very strict about it. I try to respect them when I'm around them. Sometimes I don't agree with them or the law but I'm going to abide by it out of respect.

Ben: I really hate it when I get off work Saturday night and I finally have money 'cause I work at a bar but it's too late for me to buy beer. I understand people say we should plan ahead, but we don't plan ahead; we're drunk. Sunday you drink your three beers that are left in your fridge from Saturday night and you're screwed. What else are you going to do? Go to church? I don't think so. Not in my neighborhood. If people don't want to drink on Sunday, that's fine, but personally, my day not to drink is Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Matt: And what day are the NFL games on? To not sell beer on Sunday is a travesty. I'm honestly quite shocked that people in Georgia cannot. You can't always plan for every situation. It might be a last-minute get-together. A day of rest does not mean a day of abstinence. To some people, a day of rest means sitting back, having beer and watching a game. You're denying man his privilege, dare I say his obligation, to have a beer and watch a game. You can get a bag of weed on Sunday, cigarettes. Why are we picking on beer?


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