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SOCIAL: There are places in Atlanta that don’t get nearly as much business as they should. And this quaint and chic Mediterranean café/wine bar is a prime example. Brothers Jalil and Rheda Chikhaoui serve up a menu similar to any you’d find at a restaurant of its ilk in France. During the summer, the restaurant offers an authentic gazpacho as a special. This version is chock-full of the typical ingredients—fresh tomatoes, cucumber, and bell peppers—but they add their own twist with a dash of cumin, harissa and a “special” tomato juice for a smoother mouthfeel. The soup is topped with lump crabmeat and a tiny dice of cucumber for contrast. 12 W. Peachtree Place. 404-525-2246.

SOUPER JENNY: It’s natural that Atlanta’s resident soup maven, “Souper” Jenny Levinson, serves her gazpacho throughout the entire blistering summer (until August). Levinson, who lists Weight Watchers’ point counts for dieting customers, makes her versions as light as possible (only one point per bowl), but still manages to infuse plenty of flavor. She uses no oil in her tomato gazpacho made with fresh tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, a little red onion, V8 and fresh cilantro from her own garden. Always the creative sort, Levinson also makes a tropical fruit version using mango, pineapple and fresh jalapeño. 56 E. Andrews Drive. 404-239-9023.

WEST EGG CAFÉ:  During the summer, this under-hyped Westside breakfast nook offers a selection of cold soups including gazpacho, which is available by the cup or the bowl. If you like gazpachos on the chunkier side of the spectrum, West Egg’s for you. The soup screams fresh with its hint of bell pepper, onion, garlic, some piquancy and loads of fresh tomato. It also has that pleasant frothiness unique to freshly made gazpachos. 1168-A Howell Mill Road. 404-872-3973.



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