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Garrett Graveson and Ryan Gembala

HERO for Children founders



After witnessing the problem of childhood AIDS in other countries, recent University of Georgia grads Garrett Graveson (left) and Ryan Gembala were inspired to do something about the problem in Georgia. The pair founded HERO for Children, a program dedicated to enriching the lives of children with AIDS.

Before graduation, Graveson and Gembala both volunteered at orphanages for children with HIV/AIDS. Graveson worked in Kenya where he befriended a child who died before he left, and Gembala worked in Brazil where he amazed the children with toys as simple as bubbles.

More than 9,000 Georgia children are infected with HIV/AIDS, and many have lost one or both parents. HERO for Children strives to create a few great memories for them with mentoring programs and one-day events.

For the holidays, HERO for Children provides children with gifts and a food basket for the family. To donate, help wrap or deliver gifts, visit


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