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Gang Gang Dance: Eye Contact




Gang Gang Dance's basic approach (synth, drums, vocals, blastoff) hasn't changed over the course of the band's career, but it's been further modified with each successive LP, and Eye Contact is the brilliant zenith of years' worth of fine-tuning. The band's 2008 album, Saint Dymphna, contained some stunning moments; this new record is just a stunner. GGD is no less conceptually bold than before, but its music has evolved to something at once pop-inspired and truly futuristic. Indeed, Eye Contact operates with such unusual and evocative musical processes that its modern-day existence is curious, like the band members are actually time travelers from a hundred years on, sent back to advance us past our sick preoccupation with go-nowhere Gaga glut. In that sense, Eye Contact is less an album of songs than a religious experience. Indeed, its robotic, whispered last words implore us to "live forever." Y'all get saved. ()4 out of 5 stars)

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