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Fugly Room Facelift Contest: Before and After

See how Jason and Kristie spent $300 each to de-fug their living spaces



Jason Maxwell won a $300 gift certificate to IKEA as the Readers Pick.


BEFORE: It's an ugly, disorganized mess. I need better shelving for books and DVDs, plus a stand for the TV and stereo in the corner.


AFTER: We purchased two Billy Bookcases, and a Bestra Jagra TV stand. The bookcases frame the stand. It gives the room a much more balanced look, a large improvement over the mismatched hodgepodge collection of furniture from my bachelor days. The bookcases have much more room for all the books and movies we've amassed. Thanks again for selecting my room as fugly. It's nice to have my office be a room in the house my wife doesn't close off when guests come over.

Kristie Carter won a $300 gift certificate to Traders Neighborhood store as the Critics Pick.


BEFORE: Oh, wow. Well first off, not a single thing in this room except the television is from this decade - heck, even century. Pretty much the entire room is circa 1984. We are dying to get rid of the wood paneling and get a new couch and carpet. And coffee table. And window treatments. Oh, so much to do!


AFTER: We were able to score an awesome leather ottoman at Traders. We rearranged the room, slip covered the couch and traded the coffee table for the new leather ottoman. The future plan for this room is to paint the paneling a cream color, get new carpet and update the shutters for plantation blinds. Thanks for helping us get started!


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