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From Michael Evenden's What I Heard About Iraq

Opening this week at Theater Emory



It is offered as an aid to memory and a provocation: its account of the war will doubtlessly seem incomplete, but it is up to us, in whose name the war continues, to find and add the missing facts and to question what we've heard until the mystery of our march to war and how the war is to end can be solved. To pull a quotation only slightly out of context (from its original address to the U.S. Senate): "If we don't debate this ... we fail our country." What, this text asks of you, have you heard about Iraq?

– From Michael Evenden's director's note for What I Heard About Iraq, a stage play based on Eliott Weinberger's London Review of Books article, presented Feb. 14-29 at Theater Emory.

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