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ATHENS IMPROVISED MUSIC FESTIVAL -- The first night of the second annual festival features Erik Hinds playing a droning string instrument called the Harpeggionne; guitarist Craig Lieske plucking and picking his way through a variety of styles; and Marshall Avett, formerly of Eyedrum fame, manipulating turntables and brains. Headlining the evening is longtime improv veteran, Birmingham-based violist LaDonna Smith. Flicker Theatre and Bar/Athens (Khalid)

Ron Jeremy -- best known for his substantial, um, porn credentials -- flaunts his funny bone NOV. 2 as he heads up RON JEREMY'S S&M SIDESHOW. If the triple-X legend fails to make you laugh, there's always female oil wrestling, dancing girls, the banana-eating contest and other quality entertainment from the likes of Cherry Pie, DJ Deep Throat, Ringside Ryan, Smiley Johnson and the Me So Horny Orchestra. No, really, we're serious. $13-$15. 9 p.m. Masquerade, 695 North Ave. 404-577-2007.

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