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FRIDAY 06.08


DMC TECHNICS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP SOUTHEASTERN REGIONAL -- The top American competition for turntablists takes place again, showcasing some of the best battle DJs in the Southeast performing short routines to see who moves on to nationals. Competitors go up against the current U.S. champ, Atlanta's own Klever. To make it interesting, members of Klever's crew, the Allies, come up from Miami to perform and compete in a friendly (we hope) rivalry to best one of their own. Masquerade (Ware)

Think kink when you take your place behind the velvet rope on Friday, JUNE 8 at midnight for the ART PARTY at Karma. Featuring erotic artist John Santerineross in celebration of his first Atlanta appearance and exhibition of photography at Friction Gallery. Touted as a multimedia experience, vintage erotica compiled by SubMediaTV will be on view as music from Attrition plays. MOZtv will film the party to be broadcast on the Web. So dust off your black duds and don't forget the eyeliner. 79 Poplar St. $10. 404-577-6967.

OK. You've had your old movie fix at the park, now it's time to satiate that taste for the best of cutting-edge film. The 25TH ANNIVERSARY ATLANTA FILM & VIDEO FESTIVAL is sure to have what you want with screenings of more than 175 independent, original works from around the world including 38 films from Georgia. Running JUNE 8-16, the opening night film, Hedwig and the Angry Inch at Rich Auditorium, is sure to draw a crowd with an afterparty at Eleven50 with director John Cameron Mitchell in attendance. Events are planned throughout the festival with screenings all over the city. Contact the hotline for more information 404-352-4254. Online at

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