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Franklin says write Congress or write $1,800 check


Mayor Shirley Franklin wants your help, not your money, to fix the city's crumbling sewer system.
Franklin wants $1 billion in federal funding to help pay for repairs that'll cost $3 billion. So she came up with the idea of asking citizens to write U.S. Rep. John Lewis and Sens. Max Cleland and Zell Miller and request that they help find the money in Washington.

Seeking federal assistance is a good idea for two reasons. One, the city is under a court order to fix its dilapidated sewer system, so the city can't drag its feet without suffering legal fines. Two, without the federal money, sewer bills could increase by 300 percent, and average annual bills could skyrocket from $632 to $1,800.

For more info, check out the cities Save Our Sewers campaign on line at

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