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Fragrant fire



A 29-year-old woman and her boyfriend got into a fight while playing video games at a store near Washington Park. Apparently, the girlfriend threatened the boyfriend, but the boyfriend didn't think she would act on the threats. He said he turned away from the girlfriend, and that's when she hurled a glass bottle of perfume at him. The bottle slammed into his head with a loud thump. Blood came pouring out of his head, and there was a large lump where the bottle had landed. The man turned around, and the girlfriend hurled a soda can at his face, which he was able to block.

An officer arrived and spoke to the girlfriend. She said her boyfriend was bothering her while she was trying to play video games. According to the police report, she said he called her "bitches and hoes" and she just could not take it anymore, so she hurled the perfume bottle at him. She went to jail and was charged with assault.

Patriot games

A 21-year-old soldier from West Virginia ran into some trouble at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The Army Specialist was wearing his uniform when he got off the flight and walked to a hotel shuttle bus. That's when he heard a middle-aged guy yell, "Hey, Specialist." The soldier turned and started talking with the guy, who was dressed in a yellow Polo shirt and khaki pants. The guy identified himself as a First Sergeant Military Police and said he was traveling from Afghanistan and headed to Master Gunner School.

After they boarded the shuttle bus together, the sergeant got a phone call. After his chat, he turned to the young soldier and explained the call: One of his men was having trouble buying a bus ticket and his own debit card was blocked due to him just arriving from Afghanistan. The 21-year-old soldier said he understood the situation and gave the man $60 to cover the bus ticket. They talked some more, and the soldier handed over another $200 for the bus ticket. The man promised to pay him $700 later as thanks for the loan. Also, the man asked the young soldier to watch his suitcase until he returned with the money. The soldier agreed and took the suitcase and checked into the hotel. Hours later, the so-called sergeant called again, saying the bus ticket cost more than he planned, so he asked if he could he borrow another $200. At this point, the soldier was suspicious, but he still wanted to help, so he agreed to give up another $200. The sergeant sent a female friend to the solider's hotel room to get the money.

Soon after, the soldier realized he'd been scammed. He opened the suitcase, and found identification belonging to a Cleveland man who looked nothing like the fake sergeant. Dutifully, the soldier arranged to get the bag returned to its owner in Cleveland.

The soldier called police to report the scam. Apparently, the fake sergeant has targeted several young soldiers at the airport.

Bugged out

On the Westside, a 67-year-old woman called police and said two random cars were idling near her home with the lights on — like someone was watching her. Also, she said when she went to check her mailbox, it was crawling with ants. She said someone put crushed-up sugary cereal in her mailbox to attract the ants. The woman said she is not exactly sure who is harassing her, but she says there are a couple of people who might want to intimidate her. She refused to give police any further details.

Kooky messages

A 26-year-old woman who goes to a vocational school near the Westside, says her car keeps getting vandalized in the parking lot. First, she found a fake parking ticket on car. She has no idea who would plant a fraudulent parking ticket on her car. A few weeks later, she found the words "Sex your baby" scratched into the molding below her windshield. No suspects.

Extrovert Exposure

In Midtown, a completely naked guy who was listening to music via earbuds and his iPhone was strolling down 14th Street. "[He] was exposing his sexual organs and was in a state of complete nudity," an officer noted. It was evident that the male was intoxicated — but the substance was unknown. The nude man, a 24-year-old from Conyers, was perfectly OK, except for a small cut on his toe. He went to jail on public indecency charges.

Cowgirl blues

On the Westside, a 34-year-old woman wore cowboy boots and no pants or underwear as she strutted around her apartment complex, yelling at people. According to the apartment manager, the woman flipped over a trash can and scattered trash around the apartment complex. A neighbor said that a few days ago, the same woman cut open a pillow filled with some type of sand. Then the cowgirl started pouring out the sand and yelled, "This is your dead brother's ashes."

The police officer was familiar with the cowgirl. Her boyfriend had called 911 four days previously to get the her escorted off the property for damaging his car. Apparently, she's been walking around, trying to start fights with her neighbors and "yelling at no one" ever since, the officer wrote. She went to jail on disorderly conduct charges

Items in the Blotter are taken from actual Atlanta police reports. The Blotter Diva compiles them and puts them into her own words.

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