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Follow the flow of the dough

CL's guide to money in the 2000 elections

Ain't it wonderful: The two major political parties have broken all previous records for fund-raising this year, even though TV ratings for the presidential debates missed their projected viewership by 20 million people.

In this feature, Creative Loafing takes a look at who's getting the money and who's giving it. But, first, a few pointers: Individuals can give up to $2,000 to each candidate each election cycle. Political action committees, aka PACs, can give $5,000 to a single candidate per election, $15,000 to national parties and $5,000 to other PACs.

But a big fat loophole in federal election laws allows for unlimited "soft-money" donations to the parties themselves. By the end of the 2000 election cycle, the Democrats and Republicans are expected to have raised $500 million in soft money contributions. That's more than double the amount raised in 1996. No wonder they call 'em parties!


  • Giving people
    Hmmm ... wonder why these folks are so generous?
  • Softies
    Top soft money donors from Georgia to 2000 elections*
  • Will Bob Barr survive the wealth of Kahn?
    Neato facts on the race for the 7th District. (It's the eighth most expensive House race in the country!)
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