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Opening Friday

BEFORE THE RAINS 2 stars (PG-13) See review.

BODY OF WAR (Not rated) A documentary portraying the effects of the Iraq war, Body of War centers around Tomas Young, a 25-year-old who is sent home from Iraq after a week of combat, paralyzed from a bullet to the spine.

Duly Noted

CINEMAMA!!! This film series shows films every Thursday night and includes popcorn, pillows and drinks. May's theme is "Unlikely Love," and on Thurs., May 22, Harold and Maude (1971) will be screened. Free. 8 p.m. New Street Gallery, 2800 Washington St., Avondale Estates.

THE LEGEND OF BILLIE JEAN After a gang of rich kids steal and break her brother's moped, Billie Jean Davy demands payment for the damages, narrowly escapes getting raped and accidentally shoots someone. Starring Helen Slater, Christian Slater and Barry Tubb. Through May 22. Check website for times and prices. Second floor of the Georgia State University Center.

LIVE FLESH 4 stars (R) See review.

THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW (1975) (R) The cult classic of cult classics, the musical horror spoof follows an all-American couple (Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick) to the castle of Dr. Frank-N-Furter (Tim Curry), a drag queen/mad scientist from another galaxy. Midnight, Fridays at Plaza Theatre, and Saturdays at Peachtree Cinema & Games, Norcross.


88 MINUTES (R) Al Pacino stars as a forensic psychiatrist and college professor who has 88 minutes to solve his own murder before it happens.

BABY MAMA 2 stars (PG-13) "30 Rock" creator Tina Fey plays a variation of her small-screen alter ego as an unmarried successful executive who hires an uncouth surrogate (Amy Poehler) to have her child. Former "Saturday Night Live" co-anchors, Fey and Poehler make an appealing comedic duo, but the film never rises above the thudding level of a female "Odd Couple" dynamic of slob vs. snob, while writer/director Michael McCullers shows no understanding of real-world fertility issues. -- Curt Holman

THE BANK JOB 2 stars(R) In 1971 London, a dodgy car dealer (Jason Statham, aka The Transporter) and his gang of amateurs plan to rob a bank vault of safety deposit boxes, unaware that their caper is camouflage for a government plot to pilfer some Royal blackmail material. Some crisply edited scenes of safe cracking and escaping fail to rescue The Bank Job's convoluted screenplay, which lunges in too many directions for director Roger Donaldson to control. The poor British man's Bruce Willis, Statham steals the movie, but The Bank Job doesn't get away clean. -- Holman

CHAPTER 27 2 stars (R) Writer/director J.P. Schaefer's debut film is an off-target affair as he tries to crawl inside the head of John Lennon's assassin, former Decatur resident Mark David Chapman. Jared Leto is believable as Chapman, but so much interior monologue and not enough context makes the whole dreadful period feel little more than the rantings of a lunatic. -- David Lee Simmons

DECEPTION (R) Hugh Jackman, Ewan McGregor and Michelle Williams star in this drama about an accountant who gets involved with a mysterious sex club and becomes a suspect in a multimillion-dollar heist and missing-person case.

DR. SEUSS' HORTON HEARS A WHO! 4 stars (G) In this CGI adaptation of the Dr. Seuss classic, a kindly elephant (voiced by Jim Carrey) protects microscopic Whoville from hostile nay-sayers led by Carol Burnett's Sour Kangaroo. Horton cleverly doubles the narrative by making the Whoville mayor (Steve Carell) another lonely believer, and generally retains the heart of the book and slapstick worthy of old Bugs Bunny cartoons. It's as if the filmmakers knew exactly how big a desecration was Carrey's How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and did exactly the opposite. -- Holman

DRILLBIT TAYLOR 2 stars (PG-13) Persecuted by a psycho bully (Alex Frost), three meek high schoolers (Nate Hartley, Troy Gentile and David Dorfman) hire supersoldier Drillbit Taylor (Owen Wilson) to be their bodyguard, unaware that he's actually a nonconfrontational homeless panhandler. Overlong and underfunny, Drillbit Taylor wastes the charms of Wilson and his young co-stars. Co-writer Seth Rogen also co-wrote Superbad, but Drillbit is no Superbad. It's just plain bad. -- Holman

ERASERHEAD The Plaza Theatre will screen David Lynch's classic 1977 film for one more week. Eraserhead is the story of Henry Spencer, his girlfriend Mary X and their mutant baby.

FORBIDDEN KINGDOM (PG-13) Obsessed with kung fu classics, American teenager Jason (Michael Angarano) discovers an ancient Chinese staff and finds himself transported back in time. Jason must return the staff to its rightful owner, the Monkey King. Also starring Jet Li, Yi Fei Liu and Jackie Chan.

FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL 3 stars (R) When TV star Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell) dumps her longtime boyfriend (Jason Segel, who wrote the script), he goes to a Hawaiian resort -- only to find Sarah already there with her new lover, a fatuous rock star (scene-stealing Russell Brand). Of the seemingly countless comedies produced by Judd Apatow (and featuring supporting roles from the likes of Paul Rudd and Jonah Hill), this overlong but endearing one has enough raunchy laughs to belong in the company of such films as Knocked Up and Superbad. -- Holman


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