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Dear old dad has his day on June 15 this year. Sure, you can take him out to tried-and-trues like Bone's and Buckhead Diner, but since there are restaurants to go with every sort of personality out there, consider taking Pop someplace that really matches his style. Happy Father's Day.

Hipster Dad: Iris

East Atlanta finally has the snazzy restaurant it's been waiting for -- a former filling station redone with verve and sex appeal. Beneath the sleek exterior, though, this place has real heart, and I sense that families would be welcome here, particularly on a Sunday night. Niman Ranch pork tenderloin and the free-form ravioli are particular standouts on Iris' American bistro menu tweaked with a bit of approachable, quirky personality. It's gonna get crowded, so make reservations and get here early. 1314 Glenwood Ave., 404-221-1300,

Suburban Dad: Di Paolo

I know an inordinate amount of fathers who request Italian restaurants for special occasion meals. If you call Roswell or Alpharetta home, you're in luck. Owner Susan Thill has continually evolved her restaurant over the last seven years, from a designer pizza and pasta joint in its early days (when the word "cucina" was attached to the moniker) to its current status as an upscale Italian destination. Pastas are incontestably the stars here. And if the kids act up, you can threaten to leave them at home next time with someone who looks like the demonic friar in the painting adorning the wall of Di Paolo's otherwise cozy dining room. 8560 Holcomb Bridge Road, Alpharetta, 770-587-1051.

Yuppy Dad: Kyma

You'll have to make sure the kids to dress up for this tony spot. Minoan marble columns and a dramatic sheer waterfall in the restaurant's foyer set the scene for the Buckhead Life Group's most recent achievement, a paean to owner Pano Karatassos' Greek heritage. Seafood takes center-stage, particularly the daily changing selection of fish served simply grilled with lemon, olive oil and capers. For dessert, try the Greek yogurt, luscious in its unfussiness with candied walnuts and honey. P.S.: You need a yuppie salary to afford a meal here. 3085 Piedmont Road, 404-262-0702,

Gay Dad: Colonnade, One Midtown Kitchen

I couldn't decide on just one for this category. It comes down to the child factor. If the kids are coming out with you, take them to the Colonnade. They'll be transfixed by the pre-Brady Bunch decor and the wacky folks -- both customers and servers -- and content munching on fried chicken and those really good Parker House rolls they bake up fresh. 1879 Cheshire Bridge Road, 404-874-5642.

If the kids aren't along for the ride but you're still in the mood to celebrate parenthood, head to One Midtown Kitchen. The buzzing, cruisy bar crowd and the fantastic wine list make up for the long table waits (no reservations here after 7 p.m.). Small plates for sharing are where this kitchen most excels. 559 Dutch Valley Road, 404-892-4111,

Classic Dad: Fogo de Chao

Yes, there are lots of papas out there who still want their all-cholesterol all-the-time meat fest for Father's Day, so bring them to the best carnivorous show in town. Start with salads and a little soup from the buffet, then turn the card on the table over to green and stand back: Here come the gouchos sporting a dozen different cuts of meat from four different animals on long skewers. They'll be no fights in the car on the way home this night. Everyone will be too foggy and full of food. 3101 Piedmont Road, 404-995-9982,

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