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Fall 2011 film preview — in 2-D!

Movies with real storylines, just as Oscar intended



The best thing about the fall films of 2011 is that we won't have to wear those damn 3-D glasses every time we step into the theater. Autumn brings the release of Oscar bait and films with genuine artistic aspiration. Few filmmakers can provide insightful commentary on the human condition while jabbing objects at the audience from the movie screen.

Studios will still use 3-D for animated family films, including experiments from two of America's most respected filmmakers. Martin Scorsese helms the live-action Hugo in which a street urchin living in a Parisian train station uncovers a mystery involving a mechanical man and one of France's first celebrity filmmakers. Steven Spielberg directs the motion-capture film The Adventures of Tintin, based on the beloved but obscure Belgian comic strip about the "Young Indiana Jones"-style exploits of a boy and his dog.

Otherwise, Hollywood gives your depth perception a reprieve this season. Hugh Jackman's Real Steel isn't even in 3-D, and it's about boxing robots. Instead, the movies of the upcoming months will attempt to explore emotional and social dimensions — or at least try to appear serious enough to sway critics and Academy members.

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