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Falcons owner Arthur Blank and QB Michael Vick


"One of the things I see very rarely are beautiful touches that are not between couples. My first impression of this is that there's tenderness here. But there's also power here. Because Arthur Blank, in his position of power, can touch Michael Vick on the face, which is a very intimate portion of the body. But the reverse is not acceptable. Still, there's affection here, as a parent to a child. It's improvised. There's not a lot of planning to this motion, which would show up in stiffness in the fingers and tension in the face."

"He's tilting his head, so it's not for power. If it were about power, his head would be straight up and down. But it has a nice tilt to it. He's very relaxed. That tells me the move is genuine."

"Vick's face is covered, so I can't do a full body read. He seems to be showing a lot of tension, but then again, he's wearing shoulder pads, so it's tough to say."

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