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PITA PALACE: This Israeli-run temple to shawarma and falafel is as close as you’ll get to the roadside stands in Haifa. The chickpea-based falafel — from a family recipe — comes in a range of sizes depending on your appetite. The half-order is more than enough for most, especially after the salad bar's multicolored toppings are added to the mix. Those who aren’t adept at juggling a sandwich and drink will appreciate the handy metal sandwich stands on each table. The place gets packed during lunchtime, so hit them on the early side or grab it to go. And don’t bother visiting on Saturdays; the owners close for the Sabbath. 1658 Lavista Road. 404-781-7482.

JERUSALEM BAKERY: After a successful run churning out the city’s best pita, baklava and other Middle Eastern baked goods at its Marietta store, the Palestinian owners opened a second location that serves a wide variety of foods. The falafel batter is handmade with a mix of chickpeas and parsley, which makes it a pleasant bright green. The falafel is combined with your choice of fillings — such as shaved onions, a mix of pickled veggies and much more — and tightly rolled burrito-style in the bakery’s exceptional pita bread. A piece of the pistachio-encrusted baklava ends the meal off right. 4150 Old Milton Parkway, Alpharetta. 770-777-0193.

FALAFEL KING: Restaurants that advertise “and sushi” are normally a big no-no in my book. But this Korean-owned Japanese and falafel shack near Emory University may be the exception to the rule. The falafel is hand-rolled and fried to order in a sturdy wok until it is a crispy dark brown. Each nubbly and nutty ball is stuffed with all the usual accoutrements into a pillowy round of fresh pita bread. Don’t forget to ask for a shot of the stinging hot sauce. 1405 Oxford Road. 404-377-1716.

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