El Chisme Mexican Grill

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After much time as a fixture, El Pastor closed and a new restaurant, El Chisme Mexican Grill, was born in its place. Much of the same ambiance-free d├ęcor remains, but there's a fresh coat of garish neon paint in the hallway leading to the bathrooms. Non-Spanish speakers be forewarned: The staff speaks little English. And while you may wait for your food, really, a long wait can be a reassuring sign. And how can you possibly fault a lone cook making everything from scratch? Even the tortilla chips, made from handmade tortillas, are fried to order. They're accompanied by a large grey molcajete decorated with a pig's face and filled with a murky green, intensely spicy salsa dotted with chunks of roasted green chilies. While the chilaquiles lack an abundance of salsa, it's hard to find fault with the freshly fried triangles of tortillas, smothered in crispy strips of chicken and topped with two runny fried eggs, crema Mexicana and crumbled queso fresco. B,L,D. 5091 Buford Highway

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