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Easy Prey

Domingo Lopez Vargas was an early casualty in the brutal Battle of 'Georgiafornia'



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Back then, "Americans would throw things out their cars at me when I would walk down this street to lunch." On one occasion, a group of men drove by and opened fire on him and his friends with pellet guns.

That hasn't happened in a while, Antonio says. But there was that day last year when he came to work to find a dead man out front on the sidewalk. "He had bruises all over like he was beaten," Antonio says.

The police came, the body was taken away, and "The Latino community still has no idea what happened." Nor do Canton police. But since the Cherokee High School students were rounded up, says Assistant Police Chief Jeff Lance, no more bruised Hispanic bodies have been reported in Canton.

"It's been real quiet," Lance says. "Knock on wood."

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