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East Point/College Park Wish List



1) "I'd certainly like to see us to continue to develop, to add some density around our downtown area, add the mix of uses where so we might see ground-level retail with residential space above. I'd like to see us maximize some of those opportunities to give some different housing types so that we can continue to get a diverse age group of folks here. Also attracting the industry back here that will give residents higher paying jobs. We have great service jobs in the hospitality sector and we have some great corporate headquarters here, but just rounding that out so that the people who do come and live here can work here. I think we'd all like to see a continuation of that, of attracting good industries so that those jobs are solid and have higher paying wages." — Barbra Coffee, director of economic development for city of College Park

2) "I would like to see East Point halt the dysfunctional mayor/council squabbling and their visceral disregard for any semblance of decorum in advancing their personal politics over what is best for our community. We have a great city, despite its failed government. Come on down to enjoy the circus." — Todd Edwards, 42, lobbyist

3) "We really need better preschools in the area. There are a lot of families that live here with younger children, but very few good preschools, never mind a good elementary school and high school. We love our house, but staying in this neighborhood will be difficult without better educational options for our child as he grows older." — Mark Tioxon, 30, photographer

4) "I've lived in the Jefferson Park neighborhood of East Point for 10 years and am happy to be a part of a diverse and culturally aware community with historical significance. I would like our politics to be reflective of that and want city leaders to focus on creating a thriving local economy to provide goods and services to existing residents as well as attract new residents. We are a community of entrepreneurs, artists and innovators so I would urge elected officials to provide appropriate support and incentives to facilitate small business growth and put East Point on the map as an attractive option for new businesses." — Lisa Landers, 51, National Manager, Business Development for Delta Global Staffing

5_ "I grew up in East Point in the '70s and '80s and moved back last year to historic College Park. I'd like to see the realization of downtown College Park and East Point, both Main Streets, continue to grow into thriving business districts."

— Paul Chapman Sidener, 43, chef

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