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East Atlanta/Ormewood Park Wish List



1) "[I've had] conversations about having a small local, organic market in the village — a Sevananda-type place. ... East Atlanta Village wants a local organic market. I mean, the farmers market is here every Thursday. It just makes sense." — Jason Robert Elliott, 33, Spirits and the Melchizedek Children lead singer

2) "I'd like to see a comprehensive plan for sidewalk repair and improvement. The current process and application of the city code is inconsistent. Some sidewalks are repaired [or] improved through capital improvement projects and others are the responsibility of the homeowner. A comprehensive plan would create consistency citywide." — Ana Allain, South Atlantans for Neighborhood Development president

3) "Ormewood Park is such a [cozy] neighborhood. People really live in their front yards, and we all know each other well. It would be so nice to have a family-friendly pub or bar that didn't require us to cross Moreland or Glenwood [avenues]." — Laurel Snyder, 40, children's book author and mother, Ormewood Park resident

4) "I have heard a lot of talk about what kind of business will go on the property of the former Jiffy Mart at the corner of Moreland and Ormewood [avenues]. I really hope that it will end up being something that serves our community and enhances our already incredible, charming neighborhood, such as a great market or a restaurant." — Jenny Jensen Minkewicz, art broker and mother

5) "The first thing on my wish list would be a grocery store with affordable, good quality produce." — Brandon Tidwell, 40, Bear Maker Bakery co-founder, Ormewood Park resident

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