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Dylan Kight: Places in Between




Places in Between, the new EP penned by local singer/songwriter Dylan Kight, is a no-frills exercise in stripped down acoustic music. It's a genre with a storied tradition, but too often its modern purveyors resort to familiar chord changes with little lyrical body to substantiate a glaring lack of melodic creativity. Thankfully, Kight is no knockoff artist. Though his doleful front-and-center delivery can call to mind such singers as Ryan Adams, dude is earnestly his own on such winding love songs as "Jericho," where he posits: "In a world of lies/You gave me truth." Kight's strength is in making universal sentiment personal - something every singer/songwriter attempts, but few convincingly pull off. "I will follow you down every road/Just to show how human I am," Kight yelps in "I'll Follow You," a defining statement if ever there was one. Places isn't perfect, or new, but it does what it does with a quiet potency. (3 out of 5 stars)

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