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Dwele: Greater Than One

E1 Music



Jazz rhythms and hip-hop drums characterize this thematic return to Dwele's auspicious debut, Subject. Doubled and harmonized breathy vocals deliver plenty of atmosphere over sophisticated beats like "Swank," providing the perfect musical backdrop to back-to-school autumn days. While sonically pleasing, there isn't a lot, lyrically speaking, to sink one's teeth into or sing along to - the charming "Special" and "This Love" being noticeable exceptions. With no sociopolitical tomes to be found, relationship cuts like "What Profit" and "PATrick RONald" (Patron, get it?) aren't exactly as advertised, either, a sleight-of-hand similar to Dwele's "I'm Cheatin'." As album No. 6, this solid project does little to harm a body of work that's consistent but only episodically remarkable. (3 out of 5 stars)

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