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Dungeon Family tree

An oral history of OutKast and the extended crew's first decade



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Mr. DJ: I worked with Big on four tracks on his side of the record. Most of the time, Dre was in L.A. Earthtone III expired a year ago. Dre decided we should probably have our own production companies. He said he kind of wanted to do his own thing and we should all have our own entities.

Andre: I'm pretty much focusing on playing the background, producing and writing for people. I'm campaigning to branch out, do other music, start a band, do movies. I'm living in California now, but I think I want to move to New York. Seems like good energy there. But this is definitely not the last album.

Big Boi: The biggest thing that's changed is that we're not in the same place at the same time. But we both learned how to write, produce, do the melodic funk thing together. So we can trust each other to come correct. With this album, it's about saying you've got Big Boi and Andre3000 -- just get more acquainted with the members of the group. And we got the next three records planned out. The next record will be the soundtrack to the movie we're doing for HBO. After that, I can't tell you because it's top secret. And the one after that we've got sewed up, too. You're gonna get some more OutKast records.

Other Dungeon Family projects in the works: Rico Wade's new group, Da Connect, featuring "DF second generation" rappers, and a Sleepy Brown solo album, both to be released on DreamWorks Records. Ray Murray is working on the Dungeon East (his studio) compilation. Goodie Mob (minus Cee-Lo) has a new record on its own Goodie Mob Records coming late this year. Khujo and Cee-Lo have solo albums on the way as well. In addition, Big Boi and Sleepy have launched a project called West Savannah.

Big Boi: We lived in the same house together. We scraped up money together to go buy one plate of the spaghetti special at the Citgo. All of us would eat off one plate -- I'm talking about cutting the meatballs in half. So when you kick and scratch, and put blood, sweat and tears in one house, that keeps people together.

Cee-Lo: I won't say it's the same. We're not kids who can sit around for hours watching TV and playing PlayStation. But Dungeon Family is tattooed in my left forearm; it's in my skin permanently. You move on and you hold on, and you try to meet halfway.

(Additional reporting by Tony Ware.)


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