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Drunken daze

Brian Gilton, Berry College student

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"Me and two of my closest friends split three bottles of champagne that were leftovers from my sister's wedding one month earlier. One bottle apiece. We had bought some tallboys, also, to help us ride the night out. We downed the champagne and started guzzling cans of Coors when two more friends arrived with an enormous, special-edition bottle of peach vodka. We drank ourselves stupid late into the night. I awoke to loud noises and screaming from the family room. It was morning. If we stopped drinking now, we were bound to sleep all day and all night, and not wake up until late -- and most importantly, not feel up to a night downtown. So we kept drinking. We hooked back beers in between downing shots of Russian stuff. We kept Phish blaring on the stereo. It must have been 95 degrees out and we hadn't ingested anything but booze in 16 hours. Soon, my friend was nude trying to climb a tree."

– Brian Gilton, Berry College student, describing an evening (and another day) of drinking with his college buddies

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