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Druid Hills/Emory Wish List



1) "The traffic is terrible. I would like to see a better bike lane on North Decatur Road between Clairmont and Emory Village. It is scary to ride a bike along here." — Doug Robinson, 62, Druid Hills resident for 16 years, Eagle Eye Bookshop general manager

2) "More accessible, safe walking routes to campus would be conducive to getting people to exercise more, and it would just generally be a good idea. Currently, I wouldn't feel safe walking to campus after dark. But I'm from quite a safe town in England so maybe I'm expecting too much." — Rose Lucy Routh, 24, Emory resident and grad student

3) "[I'd] love to see the light rail come to Emory and the Clifton Corridor. The defeat of the T-SPLOST was disappointing, but I know that work continues toward making it happen. Parking and transportation were issues of concern for us and our employees in opening our restaurant [The General Muir] at Emory Point. While the developers of Emory Point ensured that visitors [would] have plenty of parking here, wouldn't it be even better if guests could hop on the light rail to come and go, especially those folks who live and work in the neighborhood?" — Jennifer Johnson, 41, co-owner of the General Muir at Emory Point

4) "My list can be endless. I've been to many prominent universities and colleges across the nation and have never seen a place like Emory, where the commercial district accessible by walking is so poorly developed. You have the Emory Village, but it lacks the options you find in other places. There is one bar in a pizza place, but it'll be closing in days. The area seriously lacks a place where grad students and faculty members can stop by after a long day's work to mingle with colleagues over a glass of beer or a sip of a martini." — Sun-Chul Kim, 43, assistant professor at Emory University

5) "I wish there [was] a connected independent bike lane or jogging trail from my area to Emory [University]. I guess there are lots of students living in this area. Sometimes it's very dangerous to walk or wait for buses on the sides of a highway and on those major intersections. I think it [would] be better to set up some road signs or district maps to tell the newcomers what you have around here." — Xin Chen, 30, Druid Hills resident for two years

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