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Does everyone love your hair?



Josh, Hiram:
Some positive, mostly negative. People say to me that if my kid looked like you I'd shoot them. My parents are fine with it as long as I keep good grades, and I do keep good grades. My teachers don't let me put it up anymore. Supposedly kids can't do their work because of my hair. It's a distraction. It takes off from their classwork. The girls like it, not as many as you'd like, but there's enough.

Tom, Athens:
My parents don't like it. My Dad is embarrassed and my teachers don't care for it, but then my teachers don't even know my name. With my Dad, I came home with purple hair and he freaked out so I change it now before I go home. I've bleached it about eight times in two months, so my head isn't too well right now. I'm not going to bleach it as much. Dad will be happy.

Bacchus, Atlanta:
As long as I'm in the city, it's cool, but in the suburbs, lots of nasty looks. But it's not their fault. They're sheltered out there. Some people think dreadlocks are an extension of your soul. They're a sign of patience and unity. It's takes a long time for a white guy to do dreadlocks, a full year to get the dreads locked up. But your body and your face are like your home. I like to decorate them.


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