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Do the Harlem Shake on MARTA, shawty



After festering in the weird part of the Internet for the last six months or so, the Harlem Shake dance meme thingy went mainstream like a mug last week, thereby proving that the only thing worse better than snoozing on the latest viral craze is being tardy for the party.

Now, dads and sons home alone are doing it:

Firefighters are doing it:

The UGA Men's Swim & Dive Team is doing it:

Hell, even this lame ass local ArkLaTex (guess that's short for Arkansas/Louisiana/Texas) TV newscast did the damn thing:

And just to be clear, not a one of them is doing the real Harlem Shake. But I digress.

Before the shark gets totally jumped, some ingenious Atlantans have broken out the handheld and kept it hyper-local with one of the latest 30-second entries recorded to electro producer Baauer's backing track. Produced by Bland Hack Pictures (local comedic duo Jamie Hawkins-Gaar and Julian Modugno), this version of the Harlem Shake happens on a MARTA train. See what they did there? They mixed an Internet meme video virus thing with a flash mob. Next-level shit. And somehow, they found an unoccupied MARTA train to do it on. Which says a lot about the state of mass transit in Atlanta these days. Either that or the rest of the passengers were shook.

It's a good look, but I can't help thinking the one thing missing is a cameo from Soulja Girl.

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