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DJ Kemit: Everlasting




Grammy-nominated producer DJ Kemit has been a celebrated music scene fixture in Atlanta for decades. His rock-solid single-producer compilation Everlasting extends his brand of Chicago house for the milk-wet generation. Reaching back to the deep-house '90s, Kemit provides groovy, thumping soundscapes for both his famous and more obscure musical guests - even as he restrains himself from leaving too heavy a personal signature on these club tracks. It's the lesser-known artists that shine brightest throughout, including a showstopper by Sepsenahki ("Spread Love") and two soulful numbers featuring Terrance Downs. A live rock 'n' funk duet between N'dambi and Craig Love flashes the most personality, illustrating Kemit's vast but too rarely flexed range. (3 out of 5 stars)

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