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DivaGeek: He Said, She Said




It's rare that a young act can make something hip enough for contemporary radio that an older crowd can instantly relate to as well, but this interracial dynamic duo from the U.K. does just that. Singer/songwriter Vula Malinga and songwriting producer Ben Jones are hipster darlings for good reason, with hooky electro-soul and plenty of dance-floor funk, thanks to jams like "Money," "Oh La Laa!" and "He Said, She Said" bridging the gap between the '80s babies and millennials. Futuristic sounds are softened by an infallible ear for melody and a light but agile pop voice that can flatfoot belt when the timing's right. They're geniuses live, but you'll be head-bobbing aplenty to this studio candy. (5 out of 5 stars)

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