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Dirty Looks

A quick look at Atlanta's fashion sense


From downtown to Phipps, Buckhead and Decatur, there are still a few people around who are not yuppies. Until the government decides to murder us all and replace us with robots, these few individuals will find self-expression -- not in wacky, spring-loaded eyes and "Go-Go-Gadget Legs," but in their clothing: the face of the Superego.

STATEMENT OF THE WEEK: Biker women have come a long way since the Pink Ladies in Grease. With the rise of those speedy Japanese motorcycles, even Lady Enyce wants you to look like a pink, cool-riding superhero. And how great is it that the pink piping on her jeans matches? Very.

In an effort at world-wearied teenage rebellion, this young man went terribly wrong somewhere. Instead of projecting anger and resentment, he wound up drowning in his patriotic pajamas -- projecting nap time.

The blue pelt jacket suggests something alien and fashion forward -- like Buck Rogers discovered a herd of blue Mastodons on another planet, which he started farming so he could build a clothing empire. Her hat is so cute. It's more magical than David Copperfield.

Those ripped jeans are cooler than Gram Parsons' could have ever dreamed of. These ladies identified themselves as "Fancy Pants" and "Nipples." Nipples, featuring her rock 'n' roll pantaloons, wrote a note to a CL reporter that said: "I've been making pizzas all day at Oz Pizza in Decatur, [heart symbol] Nipples."


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