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Dirty Looks

A quick look at Atlanta's fashion sense


Thank God we're not Canadians and don't have to wear those disgusting puffy jackets that make everyone look like a Michelin Man for eight months out of the year. An Indian summer has let people choose between summer and fall.

STATEMENT OF THE WEEK: As if a tattooed hand and Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome-gear weren't enough, dude had to get tougher with a German Shepherd. This guy's advice: "It's much better to bring a keg of whiskey to sea than beer, which can only get you so drunk."

In a world of boring Hilfiger-wearing, white hip-hop guys and emo kids in utility pants and vegan rubber shoes, it's refreshing to see her flood the world with some optimism. She is so much cooler than Olivia Newton John.

Speaking of white hip-hop guys, this dude knows that he could never get away with saying "wack," "word" or "fo' shizzle." With that cute smile and tasteful leather, he would be a fine specimen to take home from college and fill in as a fake boyfriend on Thanksgiving. Meanwhile your real boyfriend is going on a road trip to Mexico to score some OxyContin.

That choker and Audrey Hepburn feather cap coupled with her perfectly pouty New York model lips make you want to get a gym membership and lose that stomach of goo that stands between you and the world of cute girls. Not to mention, her friend's reading taste is impeccable.


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