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Dirty Looks

A quick look at Atlanta's fashion sense


Brown and orange have replaced the Neopolitan flava that dominated last summer. When shopping this season: Avoid ironic working-class clothes and dated heavy metal shirts and, rather, go boldly into L.L. Cool Bean -- mixing yuppie with hip-hop.

STATEMENT OF THE WEEK:Ever since The Hours won critical acclaim, it was just a matter of time before the Victorian retro look hit the streets. The white gloves and floral cap are nothing short of fancy. "I like them because I like white, and it's kind of like a princess," she says. This is just soooo 1895.

You know when ladies go to the mall, and they have this perfect outfit in mind? And it just doesn't exist, but they look for it for like nine hours anyway? Well, if a suede blazer with orange trim and ultra suede boots with those popular elfin pointed toes are on that list, she found it. "Style to me is the individual, not the clothing," she says. "I can be cute in a T-shirt and some boxers."

This easy indie rock/rider look is cooler than Peter Fonda. If only real people could be action figures, this guy would make an excellent collectible. To the ladies: He kisses you.

This shockingly orange sweatshirt coupled with the baggy shorts and bald head is so "Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin" that it makes you long for the days before cable when prime-time cartoon specials on network TV were something to look forward to.


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