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Dirty Looks

A quick look at Atlanta's fashion sense


Straight from the streets of Tokyo, clips from Dolomite that hit the cutting room floor, the rack of a department store and from "the Great Unknown," this week we look at true character. Because if you don't have it, everyone thinks you are a boring sheep who shops at Old Navy.

STATEMENT OF THE WEEK: Who cares if it isn't quite cold enough to wear a suede suit, or that it isn't 1975 anymore? This gentleman knows to be leery of all enterprises requiring new clothes, and this bad mutha (shut yo' mouth) looks good.

The high waist on this sweet-young-thing-style dress is called the "empire waist." It calls attention, not only the wearer's svelte figure, but is also appropriate patriotic garb as the U.S. slouches toward world domination. The ribbons are very pre-mod Marc Jacobs, but totally tie it all together, like a Christmas present.

Stocking caps topped with bobbing pom-poms just make you want to go "awwww," partly because they're so cute and partly out of pity because the wearer is trying so hard. The inexplicable numbers and icons such as "aaa" make no sense to Westerners. But in Tokyo, they are cooler than Yummy Choice Brand Fruit Gel Snack Cups.

Velvet is soft, nice to pet and a great way to meet French existentialists. It is timeless, though an age- appropriate range for such frocks is 18-year-old goths to 45-year-old goths. This Tarot card reader's hair suggests an ethereal antenna that connects her with the dead and your dirty high school secrets.


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